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Effective Networking

What is networking?

Networking has proven to be the best way to find a job. It ranks number one out of all avenues of job search including newspaper ads, employment and executive search firms, the Internet and other ad hoc sources.

Networking isn't a process of making cold calls to people you don't know. It's talking to people you do know or asking them to introduce you to others. It's as casual as a conversation with your neighbor or accountant or as formal as setting up a business meeting with someone you met at a training conference. Even the Internet can be a great way to begin those casual relationships that turn into promising leads.

Play the odds game. The more people you reach out to about your interests and skills, the more leads and ideas you'll get. That one conversation could lead to: an unadvertised job opening, information about new trends in your field, other industries to consider or another contact to call.

What are our learning objectives?

In this workshop, we will cover:
The steps to prepare to network
Types of networking
Networking techniques
Creating your networking lists
Developing your 'commercial'
Structuring Networking Meetings
Sample Networking Questions
Marketing Tools
Network Organizing Tools
Networking Phone Tips
Next Steps

What are our behavioral objectives?
•Increase your confidence in the networking process
•Implement your networking strategy
•State your 3-second and 20-second commercials
•Start and maintain meaningful conversations
•Utilize effective networking techniques
•Track your networking contacts


Worksheet: Networking Benefits

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780