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Evaluate / Fit

How do I determine if the position is right for me?

The interview is over. Now it is time to process the information you learned about the position, culture and challenge to determine an overall fit.

Does it meet your needs:
  • Is this the right job for me?
  • Is this a good work environment for me?
  • Do I see opportunities to grow and learn?
  • Do my skills truly match this job?
  • Are these the kind of people I would like to work with or not?
What do you know about the company:
  • Is the company economically stable?
  • What is the company's position in the marketplace?
  • What is the company's size (employees, revenue)?
  • What is the past and projected growth rate?
  • Would you recommend this company's products, goods, services?
  • What is the demand for the company's products, good, services?
What are the opportunities for growth at this company:
  • Can you acquire new skills?
  • Will you receive new and varying responsibilities?
  • What is the visibility factor for this job?
  • Are there career opportunities beyond what is initially seen?
Is the company's style of doing business compatible with yours:
  • What is the company's management style?
  • What is their approach to planning?
  • What are the company's ethics?
Is the company technologically current:
  • Is equipment and machinery adequate to perform job tasks?
Will you be involved in a training and/or orientation program:
  • Who will train you?
  • What is the length of training or orientation program?
  • Where will the training take place?
Is the location of the position satisfactory?
  • How convenient is commuting?
  • What are your accounts and/or territory? (question particular importance for sales and marketing positions and others requiring travel)
What is your family's view of position
  • What effect will this position have on your personal life?
  • How will this position affect your leisure time?
  • How will this impact your personal interests and commitments?

If you are offered the job and accept it without careful consideration, you increase the likelihood of changing jobs in the near future. Make a decision based on what is right for YOU!

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