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General Interviewing Tips

How do I effectively sell myself?

Interviewing is an art. Whether you interview inside or outside of the organization, the steps to success are the same. In order to sell your unique product -YOU- you need to know all of its attributes: skills, interests, aptitudes, experience, achievements and values. Then you need to listen to your customer's (interviewer's) wants and show how you can assist them in meeting that goal.

Knowledge is power. When you know what to expect and are prepared you increase your chances of being perceived as the strongest candidate.

What are our learning objectives?

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • The strategic nature of interviewing

  • Structure and types of interviews

  • How to answer questions and sell yourself

  • Tips to help you prepare

  • Making an impression with your appearance

  • Evaluating the fit of the job

What are our behavioral objectives?

  • Match personality and skills to position requirements

  • Create a positive impression through professional appearance

  • Relate skills and experience accurately to both department and company goals

  • Ask questions that demonstrate interest in and understanding of job requirements

  • Identify criteria and set tangible goals to use in self evaluation after an interview

  • Successfully answer frequently asked, behavioral, situational questions

Worksheet: Interview Expectations

Definition and Purpose

What is interviewing?

Interviewing is a strategic discussion between two people to determine whether there is a mutual fit. It is not a cross-examination in order for an interviewer to control the meeting. It is strategic because both of you have an objective. Typically, you interview with a Human Resources recruiter first, followed by the hiring manager. Let's examine each person's purpose and objective.

What needs to be accomplished?

Human Resources:

  • Confirm your key skills in relationship to the position

  • Looks for gaps in employment history and gain explanation

  • Provide overview of the position

Hiring Manager:

  • Determine the depth and breadth of your knowledge and skills in relationship to the needs of the position and the team

  • Understand how you will add value

  • Provide overview of the team

  • Provide information on job requirements, goals and projects

You with Human Resources:

  • Discuss skills and knowledge

  • Answer questions related to past experiences

  • Explain any gaps in employment history

  • Show your interest and ask questions about the company

You with Hiring Manager:

  • Explain skills and experience related to job requirements

  • Discuss how you might add value to the department and organization

  • Ask questions to gain insight into job responsibilities, projects, and goals

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780