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Israeli Action

The work of the Israeli Action Committee (IAC) is to educate and activate both our congregational community and the wider Jewish community.  The IAC offers a wide range of programs in an effort to present a more balanced view of Israel than that which the media presents.  The IAC brings to our community guest speakers who have important comments and insights to share.   In addition, the IAC maintains a Facebook page to keep us up to date on news affecting the Jewish state and worldwide Jewish community. Click here to access our page.

The IAC also offers training for the purposes of Israel Advocacy.  The IAC will work with those who are interested in learning how to write persuasively as advocates for Israel.  It will also train members of the Jewish community in the skills of advocating on behalf of Israel.

Finally, the IAC works at building greater bridges of understanding with the non-Jewish community of the South Shore.  Members of the IAC reach out to other faith groups, and to the Hispanic and Black communities to arrange for opportunities to speak about Israel so that bridges of understanding can be created.

The members of the IAC are enthusiastically committed to working on behalf of the State of Israel.  We hope that more of you will join us in this project.






Sat, November 28 2020 12 Kislev 5781