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Marketing Tools

What are potential marketing tools?

There are three marketing tools that you can use when you are networking: Resume, Personal Profile and Business Cards. Depending on the situation, one may be more appropriate than the other.

One obvious tool is the Resume which you can bring to a networking meeting. However, keep in mind that providing a resume is most relevant when an actual position is open. Your purpose in the networking meeting is to build a relationship, not to hand out a resume unless your contact makes the request.

What is a personal profile and when is it most beneficial?

Unlike your resume, which emphasizes past history and roles, the Personal Profile focuses on the future. It shows the reader how you will add value, points the reader to your focus and direction, targets your skills, interests and strengths, and highlights job titles of interest.

The profile is an excellent visual aid particularly when you want to explore other areas of interest, highlight transferable skills and explore how you might fit into a different area or organization.

What might business cards be helpful?

Business cards are a common way to exchange contact information typically at a networking event. It is handy, compact resource identifying who you are and markets your "brand" identity.

Worksheet: Profile Worksheet

Worksheet: Sample Profile

Creating Your Business Card

When is a business card helpful?

Networking situations don't always involve handing out your resume. Sometimes a business card is a better way to quickly introduce yourself at a networking event such as a professional association or conference.

What information do I include?

Your business card will have contact information including your e-mail address. Including your 3-second commercial in a statement or bullets is a nice way to remind others of your skills.

What are resources to develop a business card?

  • Personal Computer
  • Office Supply stores and Copy Centers
  • Interview Websites


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