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Networking Techniques

How can I make networking easier?

Changing our role to one of "host" instead of guest can help. Introduce yourself, show a lot of interest, find out about the other person and think about how you can help them. You can always follow-up at another time to talk more about yourself.

There are many different ways to network. Whether you are an extravert or an introvert you still can develop new contacts, referrals, and leads.

How can I use my nature to my advantage?

Networking is all about making connections, building relationships and developing advocates. If you are someone who prefers a quieter style, consider the following tips as you develop your networking strategy.

  • Plan what you want to say
  • Focus on active listening
  • Take time to remember details and important facts as you listen
  • Use your caring nature to help others and be a resource
  • Focus on your passion about the business, company, industry or other aspects of the conversation
  • Select events where you have a significant interest
  • Set-up one-on-one meetings
  • Network at your highest energy level time of the day
  • Allow time to recharge before the next meeting - even is it is two days later
  • Reward yourself
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