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Rabbi Klein's Message

I welcome you to The Merrick Jewish Centre’s online home. The founders of The Merrick Jewish Centre, Congregation Ohr Torah, joined together almost 90 years ago to create a Jewish presence on this part of the South Shore of Long Island. Now, many years later, we continue to do the work they began. Here at The Merrick Jewish Centre we look to the future – aware of the challenges we face and alive to the possibilities of what we can achieve together.

In my view The Merrick Jewish Centre is one of the most vibrant and dynamic synagogue centers on all of Long Island. I have had the pleasure and privilege of being the Rabbi of the Merrick Jewish Centre since 1978. Since that time I have worked hard to create a center of Jewish life where members of our congregation and their children can find the excitement, beauty and warmth of the Jewish tradition. Our synagogue is a home for Jews who come to us from many different places spiritually. Some are observant, others far removed from Jewish practice, some read Hebrew – others can only pray in English, some attended day school and others only recently developed a desire to learn more about Judaism. In The Merrick Jewish Centre they all have found a synagogue which is a home for Jews who seek to be rooted in our tradition, in the Jewish experience and within a caring Jewish community.

The Merrick Jewish Centre can do for you what it has done for so many – it can be the place you come to deepen your commitment to Judaism, to study and learn or just to connect with other Jews seeking to establish a community together. We are a warm, caring family – a congregation which will offer our strength and support when you need it, share your joy in times of celebration and hopefully inspire you and others to reach a little higher.

The accomplishments of The Merrick Jewish Centre have been many. Still we continue to search together to better understand the ever evolving role of the synagogue in American Jewish life. We do so mindful that what we create here will influence the next generation of Jews. And so we strive to continually expand our range and our programs, hopeful that each and every year we can create even more gateways into synagogue life.

While our website offers a wonderful virtual tour of The Merrick Jewish Centre, I warmly invite you to visit our synagogue home on Fox Boulevard in Merrick. Our congregational family is always open to those who are looking to find a place to share Judaism and the Jewish tradition with friends and neighbors. We would be delighted to welcome you into our family.

Faithfully yours,

Rabbi Charles A. Klein

Sat, November 28 2020 12 Kislev 5781