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Thank You Letters

Are they important?

Writing a thank you letter or email after a job interview is a must. You will stand out from the competition and your follow up skills will emphasize your professionalism. A thank you letter is considered business correspondence and should be sent out as soon as possible. In fact, immediately after the interview is best - everything is fresh in your mind and the employer will likely be impressed!

What should I consider?

Like any piece of writing, it is best to keep your audience in mind.

  • Thank the person for their time - but only once.

  • Address their issues and concerns, addressing any weaknesses with confidence.

  • Keep brief and concise - three paragraphs maximum.

  • Highlight your key selling points and fit. Restate what your qualifications are and how you will make a significant contribution.

  • Reinforce your interest and enthusiasm in the job and the company / department.

  • Carefully proofread check spelling, grammar and look for typos. If in doubt about correct names, spellings, or titles of your interviewers, call the office to double check.

  • Don't forget to sign your name on the letter or type your name at the conclusion of the email.

What if I suffer writer's block?

Time takes precedence - get a simple, appreciative thank you letter in the mail or email without delay and save your creative efforts for another time. If you are not sure what to write, review examples in books or on the Internet.

What if I interview with more than one person?

Send individual messages to each person you interviewed with. Modify your message so each interviewer gets a unique thank you letter. Ask for a business card at the conclusion of each interview.

Download Thank You Letter Templates and Examples:

Thank You Letter Template

Example Thank You Letter

Example Email Thank You Letter

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