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Types of Interviews

What types of interviews are there?

Not all interviews are a traditional, face-to-face encounter between you and a hiring manager. Preparation requires learning how to be effective in a variety of interviewing formats.

How do I prepare for a phone screen?

Phone Screen Interviews

Typically this is an initial interview with a recruiter to determine whether you have the skills and experience to justify bringing you in for a face-to-face interview. Many of the questions you will be asked are specific to help the recruiter better understand the depth and breadth of your knowledge and interest. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Specifics about your current role

  • Challenges, likes, dislikes in current role

  • Knowledge of a specific area of expertise

  • Examples of how you handled certain situations

  • Interest in the position

  • Reason for looking at job opportunities

  • Current compensation / eligibility for incentive

Tips for the Phone Screen Interviews

First impressions matter and being prepared is key. If a recruiter calls, schedule another time to talk so you can be at your best. Then:

  • Review the job description and any correspondence

  • Think through your answers to anticipated questions

  • Highlight skills and achievements you want to mention

  • Identify questions you may have to better understand the role and responsibilities

In addition to being prepared, a recruiter will be relying on your telephone presence to glean a sense of your personality. Put a smile in your voice, use inflection to avoid sounding monotone, and speak clearly with energy and enthusiasm. Listen carefully to the question, answer and then ask if you have provided enough detail.

What are other types of interviews?

Here are additional types of interviews with ideas on how to prepare and be effective in the meetings.

How do I prepare for multiple meeting interviews?

Multiple meeting interviews

A multiple meeting interview is a series of brief consecutive interviews all in the same day. You may be meeting with the recruiter, hiring manager, a senior manager and a team member which may last a total of 3 to 4 hours in length.

When the recruiter schedule you for an interview, ask in advance who you will be meeting with on that day.

  • Learn job titles and each person's connection to the position

  • Think about key points you want to share about yourself

  • Decide what you want to learn from each interviewer

How do I prepare for group interviews?

Group Interviews

A group interview includes you and more than one other person at the meeting. In some cases, you may encounter a panel of people at a large conference table. It is more challenging to build relationships with multiple people during this type of interview, so it is important to exude warmth and personality.

  • Discern the different roles in the room and create a chart of attendees

  • Identify who is the hiring manager

  • Give primary eye contact to the person who asked the question and secondary to others

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