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We believe that everyone from every generation belongs at MJC, so we do our best to provide ample opportunities for you to get involved.
Click below to learn about our current committees and organizations below. 

Also, learn about: Health & Safety and Emergency Preparedness | Lifelong Learning | Membership | Men's Club
Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) | School Board/ Hebrew School | Sisterhood.



To get involved in the Catering Committee, contact Michael Schwartz at


The Cemetery Committee oversees the policies for purchase of plots to the congregation incorporating the guidelines of Jewish practice and the policies of Wellwood Cemetery.  MJC’s cemetery grounds are at Wellwood Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.  The committee handles the sale of plots to congregants in good standing, provides permits to the cemetery at the time of burial, and provides permits for the erection of monuments in memory of the deceased.

To learn more about the Cemetery Committee, contact Linda Altman and Dan Greenburg at




Chesed means "loving kindness," and that is what the MJC Chesed Committee aims to provide for congregants and community members in need. This is done through a variety of mitzvah drives, including semi-annual blood drives; helping to keep the Rudman Family Food Pantry at the Mid-Island YJCC stocked; rescuing food from shiva homes, MJC events, and family events to donate to local shelters; reaching out (in-person and via phone/Zoom) to those who are ill, homebound, lonely, or grieving; and providing shiva minyans.

From helping to plan MJC's annual Mitzvah Day in coordination with our Hebrew School to striving to make MJC as inclusive as can be, the Chesed Committee works with people of all ages to foster a deep sense of belonging, caring, and tikkun olam.  

To get involved in the Chesed Committee, contact Marissa Bleier at  or Vicki Goldman at



communications & website

The Communications Committee identifies and implements ways in which we can best share information with the MJC community. This includes managing this newly redesigned website, assisting in creating event promotional material and sharing upcoming events and holiday celebrations at MJC with the greater South Nassau community. 

To get involved in the Communications Committee contact Sara Rotjan at

Sara Rotjan

Matthew Brozik, Marissa Goldfaden Bleier, Mindy Goldstein, and Blair Silverman


Endowment Investment

The Endowment Investment Committee (EIC) is entrusted with the prudent care of the assets of the MJC’s Endowment Fund, which was initially established in 2012 and has grown considerably in the years to follow. Members of the EIC are well-experienced in conservative financial investing, with an eye towards appropriate growth of assets and limited risk.

To get involved in the Endowment Investment Committee, contact Michael Schwartz at



The Family Programming Committee is dedicated to curating and managing events for families with children of all ages. Many programs include a hands-on activity that requires parent participation - or at least an older sibling, friend, or loved one. We encourage everyone to join us at future programming.

If you're interested in getting involved, contact

Fundraising & Engagement Events

The Fundraising & Engagement Events Committee identifies and supports opportunities that help to financially sustain MJC. Fundraising initiatives include the annual Hineni Appeal, Golf Outing, Gala Dinners, and Ocean's 18 Casino Night.

The Merrick Jewish Centre’s Annual Kol Nidre Campaign that was renamed Hineni in 2020 because of the Covid Pandemic and a reduction in onsite activities including attendance on the High Holy Days. Kol Nidre is an annual campaign held by most synagogues and is a major fundraiser. At the MJC, funds raised from this campaign help to maintain our building and provide vibrant and diverse programming for our community. We have all heard the word “Hineni” many times.  In the Torah, it is the powerful call which declares: "I am here, I hear how special and urgent this plea is, and I understand that you need me." And this is why we now call it Hineni.

The annual Golf Outing is the perfect opportunity for the avid or novice golfer, or anyone interested in fundraising to get involved. It offers several opportunities for volunteers to join in the fun. Gala Dinners and Ocean's 18 Casino Night each offer a unique experience for all members, from getting all dressed up and dancing the night away to taking your chances at blackjack—a fun night is guaranteed.

To learn more about the Fundraising & Engagement Events Committee and any of the annual campaigns, contact Rena Cohen Kozin at



The Finance Committee works alongside the Executive Board and our Executive Director to ensure the financial wellbeing of Merrick Jewish Centre. 

To learn if the Finance Committee is the right fit for you and to get involved, contact Dr. Barry Silverman at


Historical preservation

The Historical Preservation Committee is charged with determining how to best preserve the rich history of our congregation by examining written records and religious artifacts from years gone by. 

To learn about becoming involved in the Historical Preservation Committee, contact Matthew Knee at



The House Committee works in conjunction with the Executive Director to oversee building improvements and maintenance both inside and outside of the building. 

To learn about the Housing Committee, contact Rob Hochhauser at

human resources

The HR Committee serves as the “virtual HR Director” for the Merrick Jewish Centre. This committee is responsible for the synagogue’s human resources functions such as employee relations, recruitment/staffing, pre-employment background checks, orientations, benefits, compensation, coaching and counseling of employees, training and development, and management guidance and support, moving MJC towards a “best practices” orientation in such areas.

Made of HR professionals and those who have the best interest of MJC at heart, we strive to ensures the synagogue is in full compliance with all applicable employment laws.Additional responsibilities include:
    - Maintains appropriate employment records in one secure location with respect to each staff member of the synagogue regardless of functional area (e.g., clergy, office, maintenance,
      Hebrew School, etc.)

    - Interacts closely with School Board, House Committee, Legal Committee and appropriate committees/officers for clergy and office matters and makes recommendations to Officers            and Board of Directors as appropriate with respect to terms and conditions of employment of all staff, including compensation, promotions, discipline and discharge.
    - Participation in all search committees for the “human resources point of view.”
    - Involved in drafting and review of employment offers, letters confirming employment offers, and all employment contracts for educational staff and clergy.  

To learn about the Human Resources Committee and how you can be involved, contact Rena Cohen Kozin at



The Inclusion Committee was formed in 2017 to identify ways that the MJC could be more open and receptive to congregants and those seeking to be a part of our community.  We work with other committees to highlight and address areas where we can do a better job of outreach and inreach.   We respect, value and embrace the unique differences within our community and work to help all feel safe and welcome at the Merrick Jewish Centre.  We have worked on anti-bullying policies for the school, a renaming ceremony for a transitioning congregant.  We are presently working on helping interfaith couples feel more included, and continue working on making our building more accessible as well as our board policies more inclusive.

A key element of our inclusive community is hearing from MJC members and those interested in joining MJC.  If you would like to join the committee,  or have a suggestion that will make the MJC a more welcoming place, please reach out.

To learn more about the Inclusion Committee and get involved, contact Mary Greenfield at

Additional Resources



The Legal Committee oversees the examination of and makes recommendations for amendments to contracts and agreements on behalf of Merrick Jewish Centre. 
To learn about the Legal Committee and how you can be involved, contact Charlie Skop at


Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has been tasked with identifying the most important trends facing the MJC in the next 5 to 10 years and suggesting strategies to address them resulting in a stronger, more secure institution in 2026 as defined by the following standards:

     - Maintain current membership growth
     - Modernized, secure, well-maintained and code compliant infrastructure
     - Thriving, creative Hebrew school
     - Inspirational clergy leadership for all generations
     - Financial security
     - Higher levels of member participation in:
         - Lay governance
         - Religious, educational, cultural and social action mission of the synagogue
         - Committees and Synagogue Arms

To get involved in the Long Range Planning Committee, contact Dan Greenburg at



The Ritual Committee of our synagogue, with membership in the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, works together with our clergy to enhance the religious function of the MJC by providing services that meet the religious and spiritual needs of all of our synagogue members. Working closely with the Rabbi and Cantor, the committee strives to ensure that the religious aspect of our synagogue is welcoming, inclusive and inspiring for all. 

To learn about the Ritual Committee and how you can be involved, contact Charlie Skop at



The Security Committee plays a vital role in protecting the safety and well-being of the MJC community. This committee works with synagogue leadership to assess potential risks, develop emergency response plans, and implement security measures. We also educate the congregation on how to respond to security incidents and raise awareness about potential threats. 

To learn about the Security Committee and how you can be involved, contact Brian Okun at or Peter Donath at



Climate change is real, it is caused by humans, and we feel the effects of it every day. Our Jewish values compel us to care for the Earth, maintaining a livable planet for generations to come. The Sustainability Committee endeavors to effect climate-forward development in our community and beyond through Education, Advocacy, and “Greening” Initiatives at the Merrick Jewish Centre. 

We welcome gardeners, teachers, accountants, construction workers, influencers, copywriters, and everyone else. If you live on this planet, we have something for you to do.

And who knows, you may have been chosen for just such a time as this.
Esther 4:14

To learn about the Sustainability Committee and how you can be involved, contact Lauren Krueger at


UJA Committee

Merrick Jewish Centre has a proud history of caring for the community through UJA Federation of New York. Our committee works to share interesting UJA programing, vibrant Jewish experiences, and meaningful volunteer opportunities. We meet throughout the year and plan a beautiful Dessert Reception at the Shul honoring members of the congregation who are committed to the Jewish Community, Merrick Jewish Centre and embody the essence of UJA.  UJA’s mission is to care for Jews everywhere and New Yorkers of all background, responds to crises close to home and far away and shapes our Jewish future. They are leaders combating antisemitism and promoting justice and inclusion.  Our committee cares deeply about our community and our support of UJA demonstrates the responsibility we feel toward helping people in need. 

Sara Eckstein, Bennett Gewurz, Bari Swartz and Donna Wexler

Linda Altman, Steve Kussin, Charles Skop, Joanne Skop, Mindy Stecklow, Ellen Sussman, Alison Okun 
If you would like more information about UJA or the committee, please contact Donna Wexler at (516)721-0852 or email to


Youth Committee

The youth at the Merrick Jewish Centre is the foundation of our synagogue. The Youth Committee works directly with our youth advisors and is focused on engaging our kids in fun and engaging activities that offer leadership and service-oriented opportunities. Help us build a thriving youth group at MJC..

To learn about the Youth Committee and how you can be involved, contact Sara Rotjan at

Sara Rotjan

Eric Mader, Rebekah Maiden, Sara Meyer, Shani Silverman, and Jackie Watson

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784