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We appreciate that when it comes to worship, one service does not fit all, especially as our community grows and changes. To maximize our inclusivity, we offer a variety of services throughout the week, Shabbat, and special alternative services available.

Services at MJC

Join us at an upcoming weekday, Shabbat, and holiday service.
View our calendar for a full list of service times and upcoming events. 

Weekday Services
Shacharit Morning Service

In-Person at MJC
Sunday (8:30am)
Monday and Thursday (6:30am)
Friday (6:45am)

Ma'ariv Evening Service
In-Person at MJC & Virtual
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (8:00pm)

Kabbalat Shabbat at 6:30pm 

In-Person and Livestream

Shabbat Services at 9:00am
In-Person and Livestream


It’s never too soon for the youngest members of the Merrick Jewish Centre community to join us in the synagogue.

Birth - 7 years old - TOT SHABBAT

Super Family Tot Shabbat
On Friday evenings we welcome children (infant to 7-years-old) to our
Super Family Tot Shabbat, where our warm, talented and engaging Cantor Warschawski will teach songs, tell stories, and lead prayers and age-appropriate discussions about Shabbat and holidays. The children join the rest of the community for Shabbat kiddush and ha'motzi.

Tot Shabbat takes place in the Center for Jewish Life (CJL), across from the MJC main office, on select Friday evenings from 5:30pm - 6:00pm.

Tot Shabbat does not take place during summer months or on secular school vacations. Please check the MJC calendar for service dates.

BIRTH - 5 Years Old - Tot TEfilah

You're never too young to enjoy some song, prayer and Judaism. We welcome all parents and big siblings with toddlers (up to 5 yrs old) to join us on Shabbat and holidays for a 45 minute engaging service, story time, and a small snack/ kiddush. Services take place from 10:45am - 11:15am in either the Youth Lounge or the Center for Jewish Life (CJL). 

7 - 12 years-old CHILDREN -  Shabbat Alive!

Prayer should jump off the page and have meaning for every member of the Merrick Jewish Centre. That’s why our enthusiastic Hebrew School staff offers Shabbat Alive!, a chance for children in grades 2 through 7 (7 - 12 years-old) to participate in a dynamic, interactive Shabbat morning service.

We welcome parents to join us for Shabbat Alive!, which takes place on Shabbat and holidays from 10:15 a.m. - 11:45am in the Center for Jewish Life (CJL).

This innovative program teaches and discusses prayer, fosters friendship and cooperation, and develops and encourages leadership. Along the way, our Hebrew school students learn about the weekly parasha (Torah portion) through games, reenactments, art projects and more.

Each Shabbat Alive! service is followed by kiddush and challah.
*Shabbat Alive! services do not take place during summer months or during secular school vacations. Please check the MJC’s online calendar for exact dates and times.


Help us make a minyan

Help us help our fellow congregants.  We have many congregants who may be observing a Yahrzeit, or who are mourning a recent loss .  There are times that we don’t have 10 adults present to enable our congregants to say Kaddish.  Our minyans take place due to the kindness of our members.  We know that not everyone is available every evening, or morning to help make a minyan.  However, there may be some nights or mornings when you are available to attend a minyan. 

If you are available, there is an App that can help us ensure that we will have a minyan.  Bench App will allow you to look at a particular date, see how many others have volunteered and if the list is short and you are available, you can show up and help someone out.  It’s easy and you’ll be performing a Mitzvah!   Follow the instructions below to download Bench App 

Join Bench App Online:

1. From a web browser, go to
2. Click on the "JOIN TEAM" button in the top right corner of the screen
3. Enter Team/Invite Code B 7 7 E D 4 and click 'Continue'.
4. Then enter your Name, Email Address and set a Password.

5. You should see events and once clicking on them, you can mark In or Out based on your plans to join that service.

1. Go to the Apple or Google play store.
2. Search for and download the "Bench App"; sports team management application.
3. Once downloaded, open the app and click on "JOIN A TEAM"
4. Enter Team Code B 7 7 E D 4
5. Then enter your Name, Email Address and set a Password.

6- You should see events and once clicking on them, you can mark In or Out based on your plans to join that



The "Shiva Minyan Squad" is the one group at the Merrick Jewish Centre that wishes it had less business. Unfortunately, passings in temple families are part of the life cycle.  To help our fellow congregants, the squad operates under the umbrella of the Chesed Committee and is staffed by members of the Men's Club.  When we learn of a bereavement, we provide a minyan in the home during the period of shiva

Although we are limited to serving the Merrick-Bellmore area, on occasion we have been able to deliver services outside as well if a leader is available.  We have men and women available to fulfill the mitzvah of leading a minyan. Many who have, have shared how appreciative families have been of the support over the years.

If you are in need of a shiva minyan, we ask that the family requesting a home minyan notify the office as to the days a minyan is needed. If there is a day a minyan is not needed, please let us know in advance. Siddurim (prayer books) and chairs will need to be picked up in advance and returned at the conclusion of the shiva

For further information, contact Steve Kussin, the squad leader at (516) 379-1099.



Each person is created b'Tzelem Elohimin the image of God. All who participate in our community are celebrated as sacred. One of the central Jewish prayers for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents is the Misheberach,  which takes its name from the first two words: 'mi' and 'sheberach' ("the One who blessed"). It asks that the One who blessed our ancestors brings about a complete healing for the person for whom the blessing is said.

If you wish to have the name of a relative or friend recited during the Torah reading, please complete this form and the Ritual Committee will ensure your loved one's name is included. We will keep your loved one's name active on our list for a period of three months. At that time, you may resubmit your request if you wish us to continue saying the blessing. If the name may be removed from the list by emailing the synagogue at

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